Premium Hay For Sale

Hay for Sale

At our properties near Alto, Texas, our fields are tested, fertilized, and treated exactly as needed to produce clean, high quality coastal Bermuda hay for your horses and livestock.

Horse Quality Hay

At Hudson Farm Company, we understand a simple fact that horse owners everywhere know to be true: Horses are like athletes — and just like athletes, they need healthful, nutritious food to fuel them.

The Hudson Farm Company Difference

We don’t cut corners when we produce our hay. The high quality of our hay is evidence of our investment in fertilizer, herbicides, facilities, state of the art equipment and methods. 

Our horse quality hay is:

We sell horse quality hay in convenient and portable square bales.  The standard size individual square bales are bound together using a Bale Baron into a group of 21 square bales.  
The bundles are stored at optimum dryness to ensure your hay is fresh and mold free.

We sell horse quality hay in convenient, portable square bales and they bound together using a bace baron into a bundle of 21 square baces per bundle. Our square bales are stored at optimum dryness to ensure it’s fresh and mold-free.

Many of our customers choose to come visit us before making a purchase, so they can see our impressive facilities and experience our excellent customer service in person.

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Livestock Hay

Looking for high-quality hay to feed your livestock? We got you covered.

We exercise the same level of care and precision when making livestock hay that we do when making our signature horse quality hay. Our round-bale livestock hay has earned the approval of satisfied customers for many years and we believe it’ll earn your approval too.